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After its founding in 2011 by residents Christophe & Seelen,

12 Inch Lovers has evolved into a household name for vinyl lovers in Belgium.

12 inch Lovers Indoor 2019.jpg

The Concept

With both our indoor and outdoor parties, we focus on a mature audience with a love for house and club music from the mid-90s to the present.
The combination of unique venues and DJs who only play vinyl has made

12 Inch Lovers a very dedicated and passionate audience with one big love; Vinyl!


The Samplers

In 2020 we reached a new milestone with 12 inch Lovers; our own vinyl release! This release came about in partnership with N.E.W.S.,

the biggest record company in Belgium.

The double vinyl compilations reflect the music and look and feel of 12 Inch Lovers! The release was an overwhelming success and in the meantime we are already on sampler 6 and working on the next one.

12 Inch Lovers Vinyl 1 & 2
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